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AVIENERGY is a supra-autonomous Operative Group whose purpose is to promote a more efficient use of resources in the poultry sector by applying a strategy based on the fundamentals of the circular bioeconomy, enabling a more efficient use of the waste generated in the poultry activity to improve competitiveness and the environmental impact of the poultry sector.

This strategy focuses on the valuating of the manure generated in poultry farms (meat and egg production) for its use as an input to obtain a renewable energy source and fertilizer materials for the use of nutrients in the soil. Poultry manure which include chicken manure and turkey manure represent some of the most abundant and problematic waste in the poultry sector and the proposed solution aims to become an efficient and environmentally sustainable tool with which to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases while improve the competitiveness of the sector itself.

The project will value the chicken manure and turkey manure thermochemically (combustion) by means of a burner specially adapted to this type of waste that will allow the obtaining of thermal energy that can be used to satisfy the existing heat demand on the farms. The ashes produced during combustion will be considered a valuable by-product that can be applied directly to the soil to take advantage of existing nutrients, favoring crop growth. Additionally, the feasibility of establishing a micro-cogeneration system based on an organic Rankine cycle to obtain electrical energy that can be used on the farm itself will be analysed. This innovative solution would make it possible to reduce the energy dependency of farms.