We are on TV!

On Monday, November 7, the TVE program Hablando Claro visited the facilities of the poultry farm of José Antonio García to see in operation the burner of the Avienergy project, in which the chicken manure is burned to obtain thermal energy and, in the future, also electric energy.

The program also interviewed our colleague Anxela Montero who detailed the objectives of the project and the benefits it will bring to the sector. Thanks to the developments of the project, the energy costs of a farm could be reduced by up to 70% and, additionally, the ashes obtained in the process could be used as fertilizer, thus closing the circle of the circular economy.

You can see the complete program in the following link and our appearance from minute 53 onwards!

Hablando Claro – Programa 42


Va de Agro. The summary

With the poster of “full” hanging several weeks before its celebration, and with the presence of more than 30 local, national and European projects, Va de Agro was a great success of participation. Now, several weeks after the celebration of the event, the summary video has been published.

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